[Keynote] Introducing the WebOps Keys

Pantheon WebOps Summit 2020

Josh Koenig

Head of Product & Co-Founder

About this webinar:

At a time when the open web is so essential to our economy and society as a whole, it is also under threat. While there is huge investment in closed platforms, wall gardens, and app development, there is minimal investment in making the open web a world-class platform that delivers results. That's Pantheon's differentiator. We are committed to investing back into the infrastructure we rely on so heavily. And the way we do that is with WebOps.  
To unlock true productivity and effectiveness, website operations - including the team and the site itself - must meet six keys. Performance, iteration, collaboration, measurement, optimization, automation. These are what you're going to hear about during this Summit, from our people and our customers.

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