Website Governance Strategies for the Real World

Using Pantheon Custom Upstreams to Implement Your Governance Plan.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to Address Your Governance Strategy Head On

  • Finding the Right Balance for Your Governance Plan

  • Using Technology to Enable Flexible Governance Policies

  • Creating Upstreams for Different Use Cases


Website Governance Strategies for the Real World guide

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About This Guide

Website administrators are constantly bombarded with requests from every department for every initiative, big and small. and everyone believes their initiative is both urgent and critical. More often than not, today’s stakeholders won’t take no for an answer or accept CMS limitations. Instead, they go rogue and create their own websites using DIY tools, which leads to sites that aren’t being properly maintained and supported, don’t adhere to brand standards and can even pose security risks.

The good news is that with the right web governance plan and the right technology, you can strike the balance between flexibility for your stakeholders and control for your web team. Pantheon's strategic partner Evolving Web shares how they use Pantheon’s Custom Upstreams to remove technical friction and empower stakeholders to create sites that are consistent with governance policies. An Upstream is a template for creating a website that has your brand, content structure, and features baked in. As the word “Custom” implies, each Upstream can be customized so that it serves stakeholder needs in respect to your governance plan. 


Website Governance Strategies for the Real World guide


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Website Governance Strategies for the Real World

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