Getting Started with WP-CLI

Alain Schlesser

Senior Software Engineer, XWP & WP-CLI Maintainer

Tara King

Developer Outreach Manager

About this webinar:

WP-CLI (the WordPress command line interface) is an invaluable asset for WordPress developers at all levels. This elegant and powerful tool can really supercharge your workflow. In fact, we think it’s so important we’ve built it right into the Pantheon platform. 

Many developers struggle with how to get started, so we asked Alain Schlesser (maintainer of WP-CLI) and Tara King (Pantheon) to demystify WP-CLI. Speed up your WordPress workflow using WP-CLI to install plugins, to clear caches, and even to run search/replace on your database.

This session is intended for WordPress developers who have never used WP-CLI.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to install WP-CLI
  • How to identify commands that will improve their day-to-day development experience
  • How to run WP-CLI commands on Pantheon

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