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Getting Started with Multidev

Meet your team’s scalable new workflow.

Josh Koenig

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Matthew Cheney

Co-Founder, Principal Developer Advocate

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Webinar Details:

Speakers: Josh Koenig, Matthew Cheney

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Dev Environments

    What’s the difference between a cloud development environment and the environment I set up on my local machine or server?

  • Forking your Stack

    What does “fork” mean, exactly—how much of the entire website stack am I forking?

  • Selective Access

    Can I invite 10 developers to collaborate on a single website project? How do the permissions work?

  • Resolving Conflicts

    If 2 people make conflicting changes in their own cloud development environments, how do we resolve the conflicts?

  • Quality Assurance

    How can we use Multidev to QA the site after it’s launched, if we’re also adding new features at the same time?

  • Team Collaboration

    Be honest, is there a limit to how many developers or features I can fork on Multidev?

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