The Ecommerce Developer’s Guide to Marketing Requests and Unspoken KPIs

Decipher What Marketers Are Really Asking For

About this ebook:

As a developer for an ecommerce site, it can sometimes feel like marketers are speaking another language. Or worse—that marketers are requesting complicated changes on a whim, without a clue as to what kind of work is involved for the development team.

The good news is that marketers are not on a mission to make your life miserable, but there are unspoken motivations and goals behind marketers’ requests. We’re here to break down what marketers are really asking for and walk through what that means for you as a developer.

What you’ll learn:

  • What marketers care about
  • How to drive more traffic
  • How to convert more buyers 
  • How to increase repeat purchases
  • How to align for mutual success

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