Velocity Wins the Web

How Marketers Can Maximize Engagement Online & Drive Business ROI

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of website ownership and the implications for marketing efforts.
  • The concept of WebOps and its potential to drive velocity and efficiency in online engagement.
  • How to build a WebOps team and achieve more with less. 


Supporting one another as we build the web together.

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About This Ebook

In the digital age, the website is the company’s most valuable channel. All the campaigns, QR codes and CTAs lead to your website. It doesn’t matter if you are selling software or raising awareness for animal rights. If your website is lagging, it’s impossible to expect the target return on investment. 

This eBook is for marketers confronted with the challenge of achieving more with less resources. It examines the significance of website ownership and the transformative potential of effective collaboration between marketing, developers and IT teams.

Find real-world examples from marketing teams at  Drift, Salesloft and WebMD Ignite to guide professionals in leveraging WebOps to maximize online engagement and attain their business objectives.



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Velocity Wins the Web

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