The Myth-Busting Guide to Agency Growth and Scale

How to Succeed in Web Design and Development

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why the client’s NOT always right (and how thinking they are can hurt you both)
  • How it’s possible to attract big clients when you’re a small shop
  • Why support work isn’t just a boring sunk cost, and how it can actually create new business
  • How streamlining processes allows you to handle more than you think you can and ultimately enables growth

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About This Ebook

With the scramble to grab a piece of a $20 billion market intensifying, it’s harder than ever to effectively grow and scale a web firm. While conventional wisdom often works for more well-established industries, web development is relatively new, and a lot of seemingly intuitive “understandings” of the space aren’t just misleading...they’re wrong. This guide addresses seven of the most common myths surrounding agency development, and how to overcome them.



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The Myth-Busting Guide to Agency Growth and Scale

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