Mind the Gap Between Marketing and IT

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Marketing and IT's priorities differ for the website
  • What leaders value most when it comes to the website and digital experiences
  • How WebOps tools can help your web team collaborate more effectively to create high performing websites that deliver impact for your organization

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About This Ebook

We set out to learn more about how web teams can work together more efficiently to create an extraordinary, high performing website. To find out, Pantheon partnered with Hanover Research to survey nearly 100 UK-based Marketing and IT leaders. We learned that there are a lot of opportunities for Marketing & IT to align on, but one thing is crystal clear: Collaboration with others is the single biggest challenge when it comes to an organization’s website.

The good news is, there is a solution that effectively empowers teams to work together, addresses priorities for both Marketing and IT, and enables digital teams and the websites they manage to outperform expectations.

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Mind the Gap Between Marketing and IT

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