DigiSavvy Deploys Pantheon Autopilot to Control Costs and Grow Revenue

Innovative web marketing agency saves time and money by automating WordPress updates for its customers



  • Website maintenance was a critical service but costly and time-consuming 
  • Agency spent significant labor hours per month on manual maintenance tasks 
  • Save labor hours without lowering service levels or raising customer prices


  • Adopt Pantheon Autopilot to automatically upgrade and verify customer websites
  • Integrate with other Pantheon tools, including Dev-Test-Live workflow and Terminus Quicksilver command line interface
  • Maintain critical dependencies and use Visual Regression Testing (VRT) for version control
  • Automate maintenance processes with options for manual review

Why Pantheon

  • Autopilot saves time and increases accuracy by automating upgrade processes 
  • Integration with Dev-Test-Live and Quicksilver Terminus plugin gives flexibility and control to developers 
  • Adds value by ensuring timely upgrades, security, and compliance


  • Saved more than 50 labor hours per month and saved on upgrade costs
  • Freed up time for high-priority internal development projects
  • Grew customer base with high-value maintenance and security offerings 
  • Supported existing and new customers without adding new staff or contractors
  • Attracted new customers with competitive maintenance and security offerings


DigiSavvy is a WordPress developer and digital marketing agency. Founded in 2010, DigiSavvy works with a variety of clients from tiny startups to enterprises, universities, and nonprofits. The agency prides itself on providing website security and up-to-the-minute upgrades. But maintaining client websites was another matter. The process was not standardized or easily repeatable, which affected the agency’s costs and productivity. 


Costly Website Maintenance 

Maintaining over 100 WordPress websites took nearly 50 hours a month. DigiSavvy was spending so much time upgrading and maintaining their clients’ sites that they either had to hire more developers or reduce the level of service to their clients. And DigiSavvy was not only spending precious time, but they were also spending money on customers’ premium plugin licenses.  


Next-Gen Automation

DigiSavvy adopted Pantheon Autopilot to automate maintenance tasks for WordPress upgrades, plugin integration, and security. The Autopilot dashboard tracks all activity and enables developers to easily trackback and review. DigiSavvy also used Autopilot with Dev-Test-Live, Multidev, and Quicksilver Terminus to expand the benefits of automation. 

Why Pantheon

Extreme Scale and Automation 

Pantheon Autopilot decreased developer time and enabled the agency to efficiently serve clients and bring in new brands without adding staff. Training staff is simple because of Autopilot’s ease of use. Autopilot works just as well on an enterprise scale, automatically reviewing thousands of pages on hundreds of sites on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. The freed-up time enables development teams to create more effective digital experiences for customers and saves hundreds to many thousands of dollars. 

Autopilot saves us time and gives us the confidence that we’re efficiently delivering those features to our clients. Autopilot and standardizing on our Pantheon backbone has made a huge difference in the value we deliver to our clients and the huge productivity gains we’ve achieved.

— Alex Vasquez, DigiSavvy ’s principal and co-founder


Saved Time and Money 

The agency saved over fifty labor hours a month, and used the freed-up time to achieve sustainable growth and customer satisfaction without adding extra developers. The ability to continually update and verify security was a competitive differentiator. 

  • Saved over 50 labor hours per month
  • Increased revenue with better customer retention and attracting new customers 
  • Grew customer base without adding staff or contractors 


Webinar Date Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 10:45

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