Pantheon Professional Services Datasheet

See how Pantheon's Professional Services help you achieve ambitious web project goals

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Pantheon personalizes site setup
  • Pantheon's white-glove migration process for complex sites
  • About Pantheon traffic simulations to optimize site performance
  • Accessing Pantheon's custom training and updates
  • About Pantheon's individualized consulting services

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About This Datasheet

In today's competitive digital environment, migrating and managing complex sites can be a demanding task. Pantheon Professional Services offers a comprehensive solution to alleviate the complexities of adapting legacy code, scaling thousands of sites, or ensuring launch readiness, allowing clients to focus on delivering better, faster websites:

  • Onboarding & Setup: Configure sites and organizations with expert guidance and support through the launch process.
  • Migrations: Handle large and complex site migrations with the assistance of Pantheon's Drupal & WordPress specialists.
  • Pre-Launch & Training: Optimize launch through load testing and quickly train new team members with custom programs.
  • Training & Managed Updates: Enhance development speed with custom training and leave security and feature updates to Pantheon's team.
  • Professional Services Hours: Receive personalized consulting and solutions for complex issues, available a la carte.

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Pantheon Professional Services Datasheet

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