Couch Coding: Bending Behat's Benefits

Steve Persch

Director, Technical Marketing

Tessa Kriesel

Former Developer Outreach Manager at Pantheon

About this webinar:

This month’s Couch Coding is focused on using Behat for behavior-driven development and automated testing. Behat is a PHP tool with extensions for Drupal and WordPress that allows development teams to write testing scenarios in plain English, and then use a simulated web browser to verify the behavior.

Join Pantheon Agency and Community Engineers Steve Persch and Tessa Kriesel as they discuss testing best practices and walk through writing new Behat scenarios.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to Get Started: Building a Testing Mindset

    Web development teams with no experience in automated testing can try Demo Driven Development.

  • How to Make the Most of Drupal & WordPress Extensions

    There are powerful extensions for Drupal and WordPress that make testing your site with Behat much easier. Log in as an admin user, generate new content, administer menus, all to verify that your site is behaving as expected.

  • How to Write Custom Behat Steps

    At some point in using Behat, you will likely want to customize what it can do. We will look at custom steps Pantheon has written for testing modules and plugins.

  • How to Run Behat with Continuous Integration

    Automate those automated tests. By running Behat as part of a Continuous Integration workflow, you can verify that the behavior that worked yesterday still works today.