COLAB - YMCA Virtual Roadshow

YMCAs on WebOps

Eddie O'Leary

Founder & President, COLAB

Steve Persch

Director, Technical Marketing

About this webinar:

About this virtual roadshow: 

Join panelists Eddie O’Leary, Owner at COLAB agency, and our very own Steve Persch, Director of Technical Marketing here at Pantheon, as they discuss why utilizing WebOps is important for web teams. Notably, you’ll learn about the challenges YMCAs help to solve with WebOps and what excellence looks like for YMCAs employing WebOps. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Web teams need a WebOps community, distinct from DevOps
  • Background of YMCA Richmond WebOps story
  • How to focus on the YMCA mission — to create a website that works well over the long haul
  • The importance of a responsive, user-centric experience