COIT’s Rapid Marketing Site Redesign Using Pantheon & WebOps

Accelerated development and marketing conversions using the Pantheon WebOps platform



  • Tight, four-month redesign timeline
  • Lagging online conversion rates
  • Lost sales due to site outages and slow performance




  • Migrate and stabilize legacy site on the Pantheon platform
  • Accelerate development velocity using the Multidev workflow
  • Test and learn faster with automated, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)


Why Pantheon?

  • Scalable infrastructure that delivers blazing speed and up to 99.99% uptime
  • Faster development with Multidev environments leads to earlier site launches
  • With continuous delivery, you can test and learn faster



  • Launched site ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Online conversion rate increased by 178%
  • Increased page views by 78%
  • Business performance meant COIT recouped investment in just 3 months


For 70 years, COIT has been the cleaning and restoration industry leader with innovative technology, superior cleaning methods and a commitment to customer satisfaction. They have cleaned over 12 million homes, over 3 billion square feet of commercial carpeting, and restored thousands of homes and businesses after natural disasters. Despite a tradition of technical innovation, COIT was lagging behind a critical component of its business—its website. 


Accelerating a Redesign

COIT and Kanopi Studios adopted an Agile methodology that leveraged Pantheon’s workflow throughout the site build so the team could work together seamlessly. By standardizing on the Pantheon tooling, the team found it easy to bring on new team members as needed. At the height of the project, five different developers were working together on the redesign, which increased development velocity without introducing overhead or friction.

“Building one website to service all our locations was a major undertaking.”

—Sara Arlia, COIT’s Vice President of Marketing


By leveraging the WebOps capabilities of the Pantheon platform, Kanopi Studios and COIT were able to deliver the redesigned site in less than four months, coming in ahead of schedule and under budget. COIT saw immediate growth in its business as the site went live, with instability and slow page loads now a thing of the past.

The new, faster, more stable, and mobile-friendly site exceeded business expectations: 

  • Online conversions improved by 178%
  • Page views increased by 78%
  • Site bounce rate dropped by 20%

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