Cleaning House with COIT: Conversion optimization strategies and the ROI of a website redesign

Cleaning House with COIT

Conversion optimization strategies and the ROI of a website redesign

James Rutherford

Director, Partnerships

Katherine White

Chief Technology Officer, Kanopi Studios

Sara Arlia

VP of Marketing, COIT Cleaning and Restoration Services

About this webinar:

Marketing budgets are always subject to intense scrutiny. It can seem difficult to justify investing that budget into your website, especially when it comes to a full-scale redesign. The struggle of how to prove the value of your content, your channels, and your messaging to your company’s profitability is a real one. 

The ROI of continually improving your website is real -- and you can prove it. Focusing on ways to optimize your conversion rates enhances both the quantity and the quality of the leads your site generates. And quantifying those leads in monetary terms makes it simple to show the impact your hard work has on your company’s bottom line, even if it comes with a price tag.

The great news is that there are simple ways to improve your conversion optimization rate (CRO) that you can implement today.

Join James Rutherford of Pantheon, Katherine White of Kanopi Studios, and Sara Arlia of COIT as they discuss the basics of CRO, how Kanopi and COIT applied these strategies as part of the COIT website redesign, and the ROI COIT earned on the project.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to calculate the ROI of your website improvements
  • Conversion optimization tactics you can use today