Accessibility for All: Making the Internet Work for Everyone

Accessibility for All

Making the Internet Work for Everyone

Kevin Fodness

Director of Software Development, Alley Interactive

Christina Deemer

UX Developer, Alley Interactive

Carolyn Shannon

Manager of Technical Documentation

About this webinar:

Advocating for accessibility is the job of every website developer, designer, and owner. Website accessibility means that the website and all of its technologies are optimized for every user, and these standards are no longer optional. Websites that are not accessible run the risk of legal action and the loss of potential customers. 

Join Kevin Fodness and Christina Deemer of Alley, and Carolyn Shannon of Pantheon, as they walk through best practices for making your website more accessible and how these small changes can improve your overall business.


What you’ll learn:

  • Why accessibility matters
  • Improving SEO rankings through accessible practices
  • Practicing inclusive design from the beginning
  • What the web is like with a screen reader