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Learn more about this year’s Best in WebOps Awards and how to get involved!

What Are the Best in WebOps Awards?

The Best in WebOps Awards seek to recognize and celebrate the most innovative leaders and teams who embrace the tools and best practices of Website Operations to create magic on the internet.

These awards are presented by Pantheon - the industry leading WebOps platform for websites that deliver extraordinary results.

Are the Best in WebOps Awards Different than the Lightning Awards?

Yes! The Best in WebOps Awards replaced the Lightning Awards. This year, we will have two award categories, highlighting the best individual leaders and teams in WebOps.

What is WebOps?

WebOps is a set of practices that facilitates collaboration and automates processes to improve the productivity of the whole web team from developers and designers to content editors, stakeholders, and more. The result is cross-functional web teams empowered to develop, test, and release website changes faster and more reliably.

Why Recognize the Best in WebOps

In today’s world, websites are at the heart of how organizations connect with their customers. They’re the single most important digital asset an organization has, and they're capable of delivering incredible impact and results. But, unfortunately, for many companies, websites are also cumbersome and difficult to manage. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Best in WebOps Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate the teams and leaders who have found a better way to build and manage their websites. They enable web teams to work together seamlessly, embrace agility and speed to make updates and changes, and consistently deliver digital experiences that engage their customers and deliver results for their business. ​

How Many Award Categories Are There?

There are two award categories, one recognizing individuals and one recognizing teams.​

  • Best in WebOps - Individual Award: This award recognizes leaders and individuals dedicated to accelerating productivity among their web teams and creating impact with their websites. These individuals are not constrained by the status quo—they’re bold, innovative, and open to new ideas. They’re passionate about the power of WebOps technology and processes, bringing teams seamlessly together, promoting agility and ideation, and demonstrating their ability to create exceptional digital experiences.
  • Best in WebOps - Team Award: This award recognizes high-performing web teams that have produced extraordinary websites and have embraced the core principles of WebOps to work together to collaborate, iterate, and create digital experiences that are making a huge impact for their organizations. These teams work together seamlessly to create engaging websites that showcase open source collaboration, and prioritize user experience. A qualifying team includes a whole team or a team within an agency/organization who is working on a client project.

Who qualifies for the Best in WebOps Awards?

Regardless of what you call your approach to website operations, if your web team is collaborating and working in an agile way … if you’re iterating, innovating and launching updates on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis … if your website is lightning fast, secure and scalable … and, if it’s consistently delivering results for your organization, chances are, you’re embracing WebOps. That means you’re eligible to be submitted for an award!

Because web teams often span multiple teams and functional areas within an organization, many different roles are a good fit for the Best in WebOps Awards. Below are just a few examples:

  • CMOs - These individuals understand and value the impact their website can deliver for their organization and demand exceptional performance from both their web team and their websites. They inspire cross-functional collaboration, foster innovation and agility, and create clear connections back to business results.
  • Digital Leaders - These people are leading the way when it comes to building high-performing teams and extraordinary websites. Gone are the days of the laborious and time-consuming “website launch.” These leaders empower their teams with tools and processes that enable them to move quickly, to iterate and innovate often, and to create websites that engage, inspire and deliver results.
  • IT Leaders - These technical leaders play a key leadership role in the success of their organization’s website. They value collaboration and successfully lead or assist web team members to manage the website in a way that not only ensures website security, speed and scalability but also drives business results.
  • Developers - These technical individuals develop, create and maintain websites. They are the executors of the vision and responsible for delivering an exceptional website experience to meet the multiple needs of their cross-functional team. They embrace processes and best practices to ensure they can deliver results efficiently and effectively.

What is the Qualification Criteria?

Nominees for the 2022 Best in WebOps Individual Awards must meet at least one of the criteria below:

  • Be a member of the organization's web team/digital agency
  • Have been involved in the strategy, development or execution of websites.

Nominees for the 2022 Best in WebOps Team Awards must meet all of the criteria below:

  • Have at least two project contributors in their team
  • Have a website that was launched or modified in 2022
  • Demonstrate how they came together to drive real impact and innovation.

These are the minimum eligibility requirements. If the nominee(s) are involved in open source in any capacity or have experience serving an underrepresented community, please share these details in the submission form as this will strengthen the submission.

Do I need to Be a Pantheon Customer or Partner to Apply?

No. These awards are open to individuals and teams of two or more, in all markets, who are leading and delivering extraordinary digital experience strategies.

Do You Have to Be Based in the United States to Participate?

No. The Best in WebOps Awards is open to nominees based anywhere globally.

Can I Nominate a Peer, Colleague or Teammate for the Awards?

Yes! You can nominate yourself, a peer, colleague, or partner. If you are submitting on behalf of someone else, you must have their permission to do so before completing the submission form

How Does the Submission Process Work

The submission process is easy! To nominate yourself, a peer, colleague, or partner, complete this submission form. Please note, all submissions must be received within the entry period to be eligible.

Can I Apply to Both Awards?

Yes! If you want to apply to both awards, please note that you will need to fill out the submission form twice.

What’s the Deadline for Submissions?

Submissions will close promptly at 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Monday, December 12, 2022.

How Can I Be Sure You Have Received My Submission?

You will receive a confirmation email upon the completion of your submission(s). All submitted individuals and teams will also receive communications from the Pantheon team to inform them of their submission status and indicate whether any action is required from their end.

Can I Change My Submission?

If you need help editing your submission, please email, and we will help get you back on track.

Can I Withdraw My Submission?

Of course. Please submit your request to withdraw to by December 12, 2022.

How Do I Submit Supporting Materials for Consideration?

In the submission form there will be a field for you to share any supporting materials with our team for review. Google Drive, Vimeo, YouTube, and DropBox links are all viable options for sharing. To ensure our team has access to the link provided, please update your sharing settings prior to submitting. If you have any questions about this process, please

Please note that during the submission process, you will be asked to permit, authorize, and grant Pantheon the rights to record, photograph, digitize, display, exhibit, transmit, reproduce, modify, alter, edit, adapt, and create derivative works. To learn more please refer to our official terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact

What Is the Criteria for Winning the Individual Awards?

Individual winners are selected based on their leadership in website operations and the impact of their efforts to create exceptional digital experiences. Please note that our judges will be hand-selecting multiple individuals in this category..

What are the Criteria for Winning the Team Awards?

Team winners are selected based on their proven ability to embrace WebOps to drive results. Please note that our judges will be hand-selecting multiple teams in this category.

Who Will Determine the Winners?

Winners will be selected by an elite panel of judges who have expertise in website operations and digital experience technology. Additional details about the judging panel will be provided in the coming weeks.

How Will I Know the Results of the 2022 Best in WebOps Awards?

All individual and team award nominees will be notified via email early in 2023 with the status of their submission. Award winners will also be publicly announced early in 2023 once all notifications have been sent.

What Do I Receive for Winning?

The 2022 Best in WebOps Individual and Team Award Winners will receive the following::

  • 2022 Best in WebOps Awards trophy and exclusive swag
  • Recognition in award promotions and a customized badge to showcase you/your team and your company as a Best in WebOps Award Winner
  • Recognition on the Best in WebOps Awards page

Where can I read the Terms and Conditions?

Read the full terms and conditions for the Best in WebOps Awards here.

I Have a Question That Isn’t Included in the FAQs. Who Do I Contact?

If your question is not included here, please email

How can I stay up to date on related updates and news?

If you have subscribed to updates or been submitted for the Best in WebOps Awards you’ll receive emails about the latest news and updates. You may also join the #best-in-webops-awards channel in the Pantheon Community Slack.

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