Pantheon Platform Integrations

Work with the tools you .

Version Control

Pantheon follows established best practices in code management, and can accommodate your preferred version control service.

GitHub BitBucket GitLab

Continuous Integration

Automated testing on Pantheon is a simple matter of choosing one of the many tools that integrate easily with the platform.

CircleCI Travis CI Jenkins DeployBot

Issue Tracking

Track bugs, tickets, and other customer interactions with these solutions + the Pantheon dashboard.

Jira Pivotal Tracker Trello Asana


Collaborate in real-time with both your team and your application and infrastructure. Automate your workflow with these services + Pantheon.


Local Development

Sites on Pantheon are built around industry-standard tools and practices to move code to and from most local development solutions.

PhpStorm Laravel Valet Sublime Text


Integrate your preferred SIEM and logging solutions with Pantheon for more visibility and insight into project activity.

Loggly Splunk


Pantheon performs thousands of checks per hour. Notify stakeholders in real-time of site-impacting events with additional monitoring services.

Pagerduty Pingdom New Relic

Frontend Automation

Pantheon strives to integrate smoothly with the tools that help developers work efficiently.

Sass Grunt Gulp

Workshops for Dev Teams

Looking to optimize your dev team and streamline your internal workflows? Pantheon delivers custom workshops to help development teams master our platform and improve their internal DevOps. These tailored trainings are delivered in-person or remotely and designed just for your team!


    We will migrate your (qualified) sites to Pantheon for free.


    Customized trainings made to fit your team’s needs.


    Learn from Pantheon ACEs, our top technical resources.


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