Inclusive Leadership for Managers, Tech Leads, and Open-source Maintainers

Tara King

Former Pantheon Developer Outreach Manager

Monica Flores

Technical Project Manager, Lullabot

About this webinar:

Why do the underrepresented engineers, marketers, or sales reps you hire keep leaving-- or maybe never apply in the first place? Wondering what you’re missing when it comes to supporting your marginalized colleagues? Join Pantheon’s Developer Outreach Manager, Tara King and Lullabot's Technical Project Manager, Monica Flores, as they discuss how to engage and support every member of your team.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s hard to be underrepresented at work and what you can do to be a better ally
  • Practical tips and research-based claims, plus templates and personal experience
  • Tools you can use to be more inclusive