How Drupal 9 Meets Evolving Business Needs ( never before)

How Drupal 9 Meets Evolving Business Needs Like Never Before

Dispelling Three Persistent Myths About Drupal

Tim Lehnen

Chief Technology Officer at the Drupal Association

Chris Jorgenson

Director of Marketing, Phase2

Chris Miller

Senior Strategic Partner Manager, Pantheon

About this webinar:

If you're a marketer, Drupal might seem like a daunting CMS option — a solution better suited to technical folks, with a higher barrier to entry. You might consider Drupal as an incomplete product, turned off by its cumbersome editorial experience and historical dead ends. If you're a technical user, you might be wary of a complicated upgrade and maintenance process.

We're here to bust those myths and show that with Drupal 9, the open-source CMS, is ushering in a new era of possibilities — for marketers and developers alike!

Join Tim Lehnen, Chief Technology Officer at the Drupal Association, Chris Jorgenson, Director of Marketing at Phase2, and Chris Miller, Strategic Partner Manager at Pantheon, to learn how to confidently own your website, as a marketer, by leveraging the tools Drupal 9 already offers. With the recent release of Drupal 9, everyone on your web team can champion your website goals.

What you’ll learn:

  • The three myths about Drupal 9 and showing how it has evolved to meet business needs like never before
  • What tools you can already leverage on Drupal without adding to your MarTech Stack
  • How you can evolve your website over time rather than doing a large relaunch