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Build Better Websites

Focus your resources on creating great web experiences and never worry about website hosting, servers or infrastructure again. Let Pantheon do all the work you don’t want to do—we are experts in all aspects of Drupal hosting, WordPress hosting and managing website infrastructure. Pantheon handles all of the critical performance, security and sysadmin work, while you take care of building better sites. The platform supports both Drupal and WordPress, including all plugins, themes, and even custom code.

How It Works

Launch Websites Faster

You could spend days and thousands of dollars poking around to see if your site is ready to launch. Or, just run Pantheon Launch Check and find out with the click of a button. It’s up to you. Pantheon goes beyond website hosting by providing a performance, security, and scale as a service for Drupal and WordPress websites including detailed pre-launch performance and security reports.

Quickly onboard new developers or agencies to speed up your project with just a few clicks, then easily get them off and coding in their own branch in just a few more. No more waiting on setting up and configuring hosting infrastructure.

Pantheon Launch Check

Committed to the Open Source CMS Community

There’s a reason Gartner predicts that over 50% of corporate websites will run on open source CMS within the next two years. We’ve been helping to push that number higher since day one, actively contributing to Drupal, WordPress, and many other open source web technologies.

With one of the largest developer communities of any open source project in the world, Drupal is the leading solution for complex, CMS-based websites like The Economist and General Electric. Pantheon lets you harness the power of the Drupal community without being overwhelmed by complexity of web infrastructure.

WordPress powers more websites than any other CMS, including major media properties like BBC America and The New Yorker. After 10 years of development, it’s more than just a blog. Coupled with Pantheon, WordPress is ready to power your business, media and community sites.

 Pantheon is proud to offer Free Hosting for Drupal and WordPress Community Projects

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