Why Collaboration is the Key to Extraordinary Website Performance

Webinar Length: 25 Minutes
  • Understand the common challenges both marketers and IT teams face as they drive toward their unique definitions of extraordinary website performance.
  • Recognize the impact of ownership and prioritization struggles, as well as the importance of website agility.
  • Leverage a roadmap of tips, guidance, and recommendations to tackle these challenges and drive meaningful results for your own organization.


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About This Event

For growth marketers, all roads lead back to the website. The ability to analyze every interaction and make decisions that drive measurable business impact is critical. That’s why it’s ironic that for many organizations, the website isn’t the high-performing growth engine it should be. Instead, it’s the most cumbersome, slowest-moving asset to manage. Pantheon partnered with Hanover Research to survey marketing and IT leaders to figure out why and find a better way forward.

Join Christy Marble, Chief Marketing Officer at Pantheon, as she shares the research findings, with deep dives into the dynamics between marketing and IT teams, the biggest barriers to website agility, and the collaboration strategies and processes that can help bridge the gaps.


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Christy Marble

Chief Marketing Officer

Why Collaboration is the Key to Extraordinary Website Performance

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