Unblocking Your Team with Lean-Agile Best Practices

Webinar Length: 57 Minutes
  • Streamlining Content Marketing Mapping: Overcome bottlenecks and cost challenges with lean-agile principles.
  • Increase Productivity: Learn how to automate processes and streamline content marketing workflows.
  • Implement Lean-Agile Principles: Discover effective strategies to avoid bottlenecks and optimize your marketing team's value stream.


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About This Event

Is your marketing team experiencing bottlenecks and cost challenges within their content marketing mapping process? In this webinar, you will learn how to implement lean-agile principles to streamline and automate processes while increasing productivity.

Bill Annibell, COO of Digital Polygon & Sarah Fruy, Director, WebOps Partner Marketing at Pantheon discuss the best lean-agile principles to help your marketing team avoid bottlenecks in their content marketing value stream.


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Bill Annibell Headshot

Bill Annibell

COO & Chief Agilist
Digital Polygon


Sarah Fruy Headshot

Sarah Fruy

Director, WebOps Partner Marketing

Unblocking Your Team with Lean-Agile Best Practices

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