The Rise of the CTMO

Webinar Length: 38 Minutes
  • Insights from B2B SaaS Advisor: Learn from Martin "Gonto" Gontovnikas, Co-Founder of Hypergrowth Partners, on growth-driven strategies for web teams.
  • The Power of Growth in Web Teams: Discover how successful companies leverage growth as a process to enhance teamwork and cross-functionality.
  • Enhancing Cross-Functionality for Growth: Gain valuable perspectives from a software engineer turned marketer on driving growth and reinvesting revenue in web development.


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About This Event

Join Martin "Gonto" Gontovnikas, B2B SaaS Advisor to Vercel and Rev, and Co-Founder of Hypergrowth Partners, as he shares insights on growth-driven strategies for web teams.

Discover the power of growth as a process, defining teamwork, and enhancing cross-functionality to drive success in the digital landscape.


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Martin Gontovnikas

VP of Growth and Marketing

The Rise of the CTMO

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