Optimizing Your MarTech Stack

Webinar Length: 32 Minutes
  • Scaling with Confidence: Gain insights from Tableau's marketing success story, understanding how strategic WebOps implementation empowered scalability with confidence.
  • Maximizing the MarTech Stack: Explore the impact of your MarTech stack on the customer flywheel, and uncover strategies to optimize its potential for driving growth and engagement.
  • Marketers as Website Owners: Learn why marketers should take ownership of the website, leveraging it as a strategic asset to enhance brand presence, customer experiences, and business outcomes.
  • Driving Long-Term Growth: Discover innovative ideas and proven tactics to fuel sustainable growth, leveraging the combined power of WebOps, MarTech, and marketing expertise.


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About This Event

Join us for this insightful webinar as we delve into the pivotal role of marketing in website operations and the transformative potential of a robust MarTech stack. 

Learn from the CMO who spearheaded Tableau's remarkable journey from $5 million to $1 billion in revenue, harnessing the power of WebOps and cross-functional teams. Discover how marketing's ownership of the website empowers scalability and drives long-term growth. 

Gain valuable insights on optimizing your MarTech stack to enhance the customer flywheel and unlock unprecedented success.


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Elissa Fink

Board Member, CMO Advisor, Marketing Mentor

Optimizing Your MarTech Stack

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