Moving Beyond Drupal 7

Webinar Length: 60 Minutes
  • What end-of-life means
  • What Open Source platforms are available and which make sense for your organization
  • How to iteratively migrate and reimagine your site or portfolio
  • How to plan for technology, design, and team changes 
  • Pantheon tooling to use during your migration away from Drupal 7


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About This Event

With more than 400,000 sites still on Drupal 7 (that’s 52% of all Drupal sites!), most site owners aren’t ready for the impending end-of-life on November 1st. Even if this deadline gets extended again, now is the time to consider what’s next for your Drupal 7 site or portfolio of sites.

Pantheon is excited to welcome Anne Stefanyk, Kanopi Studios’ CEO, in a conversation with James Rutherford, Pantheon’s Director of Global & Technology Partnerships, as they discuss the options available to site owners looking to move beyond Drupal 7.


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Anne Stefanyk Headshot

Anne Stefanyk

Kanopi Studios



James Rutherford

Director, Global & Technology Partnerships

Moving Beyond Drupal 7

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