Life After DXPs: How To Compose Your Ideal Solution

Webinar Length: 58 Minutes

Here's a Glimpse of What We're Unpacking:

  • Reality Check: Forrester’s analysis on the reality of DXP solutions in the market
  • The Power of Open: Discover how open solutions can drive quick wins and long-term impact
  • The Pitfalls: The limitations of one-size-fits all DXP solutions 
  • Velocity Is Key: The ability to adapt your digital experience stack over time maximizes or limits value


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About This Event

You’ve tried to buy a DXP solution from one vendor to solve all of your organization’s digital experience challenges. By now, you’ve probably realized that it isn’t working – but your uphill battle to drive performance with your website remains. What now?

Join the conversation with our guest speakers from Forrester, Scale Consortium, and Sherpera as they walk through how to compose the perfect digital experience stack for your organization, including how to evaluate potential solutions, and the questions you should ask vendors and your stakeholders along the way. 


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Joe Cicman Headshot

Joe Cicman

Principal Analyst, Digital Transformation


Josh Koenig Headshot

Josh Koenig

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


Karim Marucchi, CEO Crowd Favorite & Co-Founder of Scale Consortium Headshot

Karim Marucchi

CEO & Chief Strategy Officer
Crowd Favorite | Co-Founder of Scale Consortium


Peter Ladka CEO Headshot

Peter Ladka


Life After DXPs: How To Compose Your Ideal Solution

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