How to Improve Your Website Performance

Webinar Length: 60 Minutes

What you'll learn:

  • The four pillars of performance you need to pay attention to
  • How to think about performance as a necessity
  • Clear ways to measure performance and how to optimize it


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About This Event

Your website is the most important form of interaction between you and your customers. It affects all aspects of your business, which is why having a high-performing website matters. This can’t simply be achieved by checking off a list of requirements or running through a series of tests. It’s a mindset, a practice you have to apply while you are iterating your website. Once you’ve developed this mindset you’ll unlock your website’s true potential.


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Michelle Keefer Headshot

Michelle Keefer

Head of Marketing


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Leo Postovoit

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Product


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Chris Charlton

Senior Sales Engineer

How to Improve Your Website Performance

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