Driving Growth: Open/Composable Platforms & Partner Ecosystems

Webinar Length: 54 Minutes
  • Discussion on how enterprises are accelerating growth and innovation through cloud-native and WebOps platforms.
  • Insights from Forrester Senior Analyst Joe Cicman on developing platform- and partner-driven approaches.
  • Guidance on defining partnership success and optimizing the use of best-in-breed technologies and partners for faster results.
  • Case study featuring Andrew Mallis, CEO of Kalamuna, showcasing the power of partnerships in redefining GreenBiz's flagship site and driving remarkable growth.


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About This Event

In this Pantheon webinar, Peter Parker, Product Marketing Manager, Pantheon, and guest speaker Joe Cicman, Forrester Senior Analyst, Digital Transformation, will discuss how enterprises are accelerating growth and innovating through use of cloud-native and WebOps platforms and the value partners bring to digital experiences.

Cicman will discuss why 2022 is the year for organizations to develop platform- and partner-driven approaches, and he will provide guidance on how to define partnership success. He also will provide insight on how organizations can optimize their use of best in breed technologies and partners to accelerate results.

Andrew Mallis, CEO and co-founder of Kalamuna, will join the conversation to discuss the power of partnerships and share how his team worked with GreenBiz to redefine its flagship site and drive incredible growth.


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Joe Cicman Headshot

Joe Cicman

Senior Analyst, Digital Transformation


Andrew Mallis Headshot

Andrew Mallis



Peter Parker Headshot

Peter Parker

Former Product Marketing Manager

Driving Growth: Open/Composable Platforms & Partner Ecosystems

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