DevOps for Marketing: Increasing Velocity, Improving Focus

Webinar Length: 56 Minutes
  • DevOps Principles: How the core principles of the DevOps movement are applicable for anyone working in a high-velocity organization.
  • Stakeholder Motivations: What motivates traditional stakeholders for marketing technology (e.g. vendors, consultants) and how to adjust accordingly.
  • Making Peace: How to make peace with IT and move forward together by dividing responsibilities and committing to mutual success.
  • Case Studies: Hear the inside story from Tableau, Pantheon, and others on their real world journey to develop a high-velocity marketing organization.


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About This Event

DevOps is not just for app developers and systems engineers. It is a cultural and professional movement, focused on how we build and operate high-velocity organizations, born from the experiences of its practitioners. That includes marketing.

Everyone knows that “marketing is getting technical,” but what does that actually mean? How does it deliver on business goals? In this webinar you’ll hear from Eric Peterson, Manager of Marketing Systems at Tableau, and Pantheon Co-Founder Josh Koenig about how they’ve personally participated in the development of high-velocity, value-driven—and therefore high-performing—marketing organizations by applying the principles and forms of DevOps.


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Josh Koenig Headshot

Josh Koenig

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


Eric Peterson Headshot

Eric Peterson

Marketing Systems Engineering Manager

DevOps for Marketing: Increasing Velocity, Improving Focus

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