Defining Composable for the European Market


Discussion Topics:

  • Traditional DXPs vs Composable: Learn how a Composable stack differs from traditional monolithic DXP solutions, and why it's gaining traction among enterprise companies in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Accelerate Innovation:   Discover how major brands are speeding up innovation and understand the questions to bring to your team around your existing process. 
  • How Composable Saves Money: Learn how adopting Composable architecture can greatly cut your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 

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About This Event

Scale Consortium co-founder & Crowd Favorite CEO, Karim Marucchi, will moderate a panel of experts, including Pantheon’s Regional VP for EMEA, Berrie de Vet, Drewl CEO & Co-Founder, Tayo Onabule, and Crowd Favorite’s Director of Client Delivery, Adam Buckeridge, who are all leading the way in digital innovation and sales. They will share their knowledge and experience as they define what Composable means for the European Market and discuss how leading organizations are leveraging open source for their digital platforms. 

Monolithic DXP solutions dominate the conversation, yet often fail to meet expectations when it comes to delivering value.  Our experts will share how balancing best-of-breed solutions with 'Composability' is a proven concept that challenges the status quo and offers a new approach to building digital experiences. 


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Karim Marucchi, CEO Crowd Favorite & Co-Founder of Scale Consortium Headshot

Karim Marucchi

CEO & Chief Strategy Officer
Crowd Favorite | Co-Founder of Scale Consortium


Berrie de Vet, Regional Vice President, Sales EMEA, Pantheon

Berrie de Vet

Regional Vice President, Sales EMEA


Tayo Onabule, CEO & Co-Founder of Drewl

Tayo Onabule

CEO & Co-Founder


Adam Buckeridge Director of Client Delivery

Adam Buckeridge

Director of Client Delivery
Crowd Favorite

Defining Composable for the European Market

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