Accessibility & Inclusivity in Tech

Webinar Length: 59 Minutes
  • Dispelling Accessibility Misconceptions: Discover the common misconceptions surrounding web accessibility that companies often encounter, and how to address them effectively.
  • Emphasizing Cross-Functional Accessibility: Understand why implementing accessibility requires a collaborative, cross-functional effort within your organization.
  • Overcoming Overlooked Accessibility Groups: Identify the marginalized user groups frequently overlooked in web accessibility efforts, and how to ensure inclusivity for all.
  • Championing Accessibility Internally: Learn actionable strategies to advocate for the value of accessibility within your company, fostering a culture of inclusivity and awareness.


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About This Event

The only Power Hour at WebOps.21, this session will bust the myths that permeate accessibility discussions, and showcase a better, more inclusive way to build and run websites for all. Jennifer, Sandra, and AmyJune will share actionable tips and what accessibility means to them.


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AmyJune Hineline Headshot

AmyJune Hineline

Community Ambassador & QA Engineer
Kanopi Studios


Sandra Koranteng Headshot

Sandra Koranteng

Quality Assurance Specialist, Accessibility


Jennifer Chadwick - Headshot

Jennifer Chadwick

Lead Accessibility Strategist, North America

Accessibility & Inclusivity in Tech

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