Pantheon Heroes Advocacy Program

Making Magic Happen, Together

Score awesome perks for doing what you love most—sharing your love for Pantheon and giving back to the open web.

Who are Pantheon Heroes?

Pantheon Heroes are our most active, loyal, and enthusiastic customers, who devote their time to give back to open source projects both on and off the Pantheon Platform. When they are not contributing to the greater good of the open web, they are likely sharing their love for Pantheon at local WordPress and Drupal events, on social media, and much more.

From Developers to Directors and Community Managers to Educators, if you have a passion for Pantheon and open source, we have a place for you!

How Heroes Make a Difference


    • Amplify Pantheon-related content on social media, at speaking opportunities, and more
    • Participate in case studies and write testimonials
    • Create content for Pantheon publications


    • Create working code examples using our platform
    • Give back to open source projects
    • Participate in early access testing of new product features

    • Contribute to Pantheon documentation
    • Collaborating with other Heroes
    • Mentor new developer community members


    • Lead Pantheon webinars
    • Share their knowledge and expertise at local meetups
    • Speak at camps and conferences

As a Pantheon Hero, You'll Have the Chance To...

Enjoy Exclusive Access

  • Free Pantheon basic plan (up to $500 value)

  • Heroes-only roadmap reviews with Pantheon's product team

  • Early access to new platform features

Score Event Perks

  • Pantheon Lightning Bolt - Grey Outline

    Free conference tickets and special invite-only access to Pantheon events

  • Pantheon Lightning Bolt - Grey Outline

    Travel stipend to speak at events for Heroes who qualify

  • Pantheon Lightning Bolt - Grey Outline

    Limited edition Hero-only swag

Grow Professionally

  • Pantheon Lightning Bolt

    Public recognition for your skills and achievements

  • Pantheon Lightning Bolt

    Professional training opportunities

  • Pantheon Lightning Bolt

    Sponsorship assistance for initiatives you organize

Meet Some Heroes

  • Michael Anello Headshot
    Michael Anello
    Superpower: The ability to break down large problems into tiny little pieces.
  • Sean Dietrich Headshot
    Sean Dietrich
    Superpower: Certainly have the ability to stay calm regardless of situation but am be able to debug and fix things quickly.
  • Sarah German Headshot
    Sarah German
    Superpower: Speed reading
  • Mauricio Dinarte Headshot
    Mauricio Dinarte
    Superpower: Distill complex web development topics into bite-size tutorials.
  • Drew Nackers Headshot
    Drew Nackers
    Superpower: My ability to relate any real life situation to a quote from "The Office". Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica
  • Guy Elsmore-Paddock Headshot
    Guy Elsmore-Paddock
    Superpower: Ability to envision and/or reverse-engineer the architecture behind the solution to most software problems.
  • AmyJune Hineline Headshot
    AmyJune Hineline
  • Marc Berger Headshot
    Marc Berger
    Superpower: Being able to correctly guess the amount of food to put in a Tupperware container so it fits exactly
  • Birgit Pauli-Haack Headshot
    Birgit Pauli-Haack
    Superpower: Persistent ability to see the bright side of any situation
  • Rob Watson Headshot
    Rob Watson
    Superpower: Rescuing WordPress users from the consequences of their website mistakes or mistakes made by other providers.
  • Gregg Marshall Headshot
    Gregg Marshall
    Superpower: Flying long distance
  • Anna Mykhailova Headshot
    Anna Mykhailova
    Superpower: Solving complicated problems with simple process!
  • Danita Bowman Headshot
    Danita Bowman
    Superpower: Ability to break the unbreakable (good for finding bugs)
  • Eric Amundson Headshot
    Eric Amundson
    Superpower: Explaining nerdy tech topics to non-techies.
  • JP Dippenaar Headshot
    JP Dippenaar
    Superpower: Ability to stay calm no matter what; being able to spot small differences in behaviour and results helps me to track down and solve difficult problems.
  • Kurt Trowbridge Headshot
    Kurt Trowbridge
    Superpower: Juggling* multiple tasks and projects (*strictly in the metaphorical sense :))
  • Andrew Mallis Headshot
    Andrew Mallis
    Superpower: Pun generation.
  • Marc Avila Headshot
    Marc Avila
    Superpower: The uncanny ability not to get lost.
  • Jason Purdy Headshot
    Jason Purdy
    Superpower: The ability to track down the root of an issue and fix it.
  • Justin Hall Headshot
    Justin Hall
    Superpower: Ability to connect with people that are different than me.
  • Andy Blum
  • Jennifer Dust Headshot
    Jennifer Dust
    Superpower: My super power is that I can learn anything! I love to pick up new skills and abilities whenever I can.
  • Carl Alexander Headshot
    Carl Alexander
    Superpower: My superpower is my ability to travel on a shoestring budget.
  • Bonnie Russell Headshot
    Bonnie Russell
    Superpower: I'm stealthy.
  • John Picozzi Headshot
    John Picozzi
    Superpower: Helping People!
  • Step Schwarz Headshot
    Step Schwarz
    Superpower: I always manage to find the one item in the store that will not scan at the register. If you see me ahead of you in line, run to another aisle!
  • Nikki Flores Headshot
    M "Nikki" Flores
    Superpower: I always strive to listen more than I speak.
  • John Doyle
    Superpower: The ability to bridge the gap between business and technology
  • Steve Lavigne Headshot
    Steve Lavigne
    Superpower: The ability to find a solution to any problem. I am often told 'Steve can fix anything' and this tends to be true at work and in my personal life.
  • Chris Teitzel Headshot
    Chris Teitzel
    Superpower: Finding simple solutions to complex issues
  • Emanuel Greucean Headshot
    Emanuel Greucean
    Superpower: Coffee
  • Brian Richards Headshot
    Brian Richards
    Superpower: Technical Requirement Translator
  • Mike Herchel Headshot
    Mike Herchel
    Superpower: Hammocking
  • Brian Thompson Headshot
    Brian Thompson
    Superpower: I have the odd ability to explain website technology to people who can't figure out how to turn on their lights.
  • Mark Casias
    The ability to completely negate any superpower I may have
  • Duran Goodyear Headshot
    Duran Goodyear
    Superpower: Sublime mastery of deducing client expectations
  • Michele Butcher-Jones Headshot
    Michele Butcher-Jones
    Superpower: The ability to wrangle all the cats.
  • Shawn Gregg Headshot
    Shawn Gregg
    Superpower: They say I'm a unicorn, not the best unicorn, but a unicorn is a unicorn.
  • Alex Vasquez Headshot
    Alex Vasquez
    Superpower: I can be called upon to make you laugh or smile, even on your worst day. Oh and self-deprecation (not defecation).
  • Erik Cochran Headshot
    Erik Cochran
    Superpower: What can I say...I love Drupal!

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