What a $100M Investment Means for Pantheon and Our Customers

Zack Rosen, Co-Founder & Product Lead Reading estimate: 3 minutes

It's an exciting day at Pantheon as we announce our Series E to extend the capabilities of our platform, helping WebOps teams work together to create impact with their websites. 


Nasdaq congratulates Pantheon Systems on $100M Series E Funding

At Pantheon, we have a vision for the future open web — where every web team can work seamlessly together to create extraordinary digital experiences, capable of engaging billions across the globe.

Today, we’re excited to announce the latest investment in Pantheon from SoftBank Vision Fund 2, a $100 million Series E fundraising round at a valuation over $1 billion. Having raised $200 million to date, Pantheon is positioned to fulfill our vision for WebOps and deliver the best value we can for our customers.

We are extremely grateful for our 12,000+ customers, our 2,500+ partners and our vibrant, ever growing community. You inspire us on a daily basis. You show what's possible when organizations put their websites at the center of their business strategies, and together we're discovering new ways to streamline website operations to reach and delight different audiences. 

"We were planning to raise in a year or two years down the road. But we have a lot of conviction in where this industry is going and our customers’ needs are pretty apparent, so we used this as an opportunity to accelerate our operational plans for the company." — Zack Rosen, Pantheon CEO, on TechCrunch 

What's Next for Pantheon? 

With this funding, we will continue to reimagine website operations from the ground up. We strive to transform a complicated, often snarled set of technologies that are the bane of digital marketing into a dynamic, intuitive, and seamless service for every business. 

Traditionally, development and marketing teams are siloed, with developers drowning in backlog and marketers waiting weeks to make changes to website design or functionality. Websites typically lag behind other marketing and business strategies. We're committed to changing this reality for our customers. 

We're lucky enough to help organizations such as DocuSign, Patagonia and MGM forgo the traditional waterfall approach, and focus instead on continuously creating, launching, and iterating best-in-class digital experiences. They rely on our SaaS platform for scalability and uptime, and they use Pantheon to rapidly respond to customer needs and changing market conditions with their websites. 

In the coming months, we will grow our product development and customer success teams. We plan to accelerate product innovation, and expand our capabilities into areas such as personalization and analytics. We see collaboration, seamless workflows, and cloud-based software as the keys to unlocking the true potential for our customers' websites. The fun is only just beginning.

What's Next for the Web? 

This last year has shown all of us the untapped potential of the open web, and we've watched our customers meet the moment with truly mind-blowing creativity. Some of the largest companies in the world have successfully pivoted to digital-first strategies. Universities and schools are making remote learning possible through our platform. And, nonprofits supporting refugee communities, saving the environment, or responding to a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic are delivering for those who rely on them via the powerful platform we have created together. 

This innovation is possible when modern web teams choose SaaS that enables them to leverage the power and reach of the open web. SaaS combines the speed and flexibility required by best-in-class product teams with the security and scalability of enterprise-grade software. By providing this in turn-key service, Pantheon empowers our customers’ web teams to drive revenue growth and out-compete in an increasingly digitized economy.  

The future of the web isn’t complicated: remove legacy barriers to empower businesses to instantly reach any customer, anywhere across the globe. This investment round will accelerate that future.



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