Making Sense of WebOps and DevOps

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In this Forbes article, you’ll learn how WebOps is different from DevOps and what kind of team it takes to move the needle.


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Although stemming from the same lineage of cross-functional work, there’s a substantial difference between DevOps and WebOps methodologies. In this recent Forbes article, you’ll learn about key differences between these two practices, along with how web operations unites team members around creating a website that drives business goals forward. 

Many marketing and IT teams - while both responsible for driving results for their business website - often work in silos. Pantheon CTO and co-founder David Strauss credits WebOps with alleviating these pain points:.

“Without WebOps, there is a real imbalance in things — you have developers responsible for building sites with a lot of control over the technology side but no real interest in the business goal. Then you have marketing, who are wholly responsible for that business goal but have little to no say in the approach. WebOps helps bridge that gap, so everyone can contribute in a meaningful way and help things to succeed,”

  • David Strauss, Pantheon CTO and Co-Founder

Read the rest of the story here. Interested in diving deeper into why WebOps matters for driving your business forward in an increasingly online dominant world? Check out this page for more resources on the many benefits of WebOps, along with this blog post on how WebOps moves your business mission forward. 



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