How to Use Your Website as a Marketing Tool

Pantheon’s co-founder Josh Koenig offers three tips on how to empower your post-pandemic websites in a VentureBeat article.

Hero image by Igor Miske via Unsplash. 

We all know the post-pandemic website story: everyone and their grandma now shop online. That should have been enough of a push to make digital transformation across all businesses, from your local sandwich shop to healthcare appointments. 

“But were all businesses prepared to meet that incredible opportunity?” considered Pantheon’s co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Josh Koenig, reflecting on the state of the market. 

Sadly, no. Too many were frozen in time, relying on a static, outdated page to grab their share of those excess sales, he said. 

In this article, Koenig shares the three ways how to turn a website into a growth engine. Read more to find out how to bring together your tech and marketing leadership, how to treat your site like a digital product and why we need to treat social media with the respect it deserves. 

“Getting C-suite and critical stakeholder buy-in regarding your strategy, management and execution can get every company goal — from marketing on down — on the same page. It’s the only way to drive the results companies need to win in today’s market,” said Koenig. 

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