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How Three Nonprofits Create Change Using Pantheon's WebOps Platform

Your website can make or break your donation strategy. Find out how three nonprofits upgraded their websites to grow their donor base using Pantheon's WebOps Platform.

Your website is a key component to attracting potential donors. It's your organization’s most important digital asset; the heart of your brand and mission, and where your donations happen. In order to attract and retain donors, it is crucial to have a high-performing website. 

Pantheon works with several nonprofits to help them overcome the common challenges involved in running a high-performing website, and find solutions to drive success in the long run. Here are some examples:

Scaling the Website at Oceana 

Oceana is an international organization focused exclusively on defending and protecting the world’s oceans. Pantheon was brought in to help with a problem common to nonprofits — they were running on dated software that required continuous maintenance. This made it difficult for their development team to focus on growth initiatives, such as scaling the website and adding new features. 

The solution: replacing their physical servers with container-based architecture. Having their website run on containers meant no more server maintenance, allowing them to focus on the website’s growth and enabling them to handle more traffic as their organization grew. 

Without this update, Oceana’s physical servers would not have been able to support the surge in traffic, which could have resulted in site speed slowing or their website crashing entirely. This is one example of why switching to container-based architecture is pertinent for every growing nonprofit organization.

Find out more about Oceana's use of the Pantheon WebOps Platform in this case study

Creating a Responsive Website at Concern Worldwide

With increasing budget cuts, nonprofits need to continue fundraising heavily. Concern Worldwide, a humanitarian organization dedicated to addressing poverty and suffering on a global scale, had to address this challenge early on. With only 10% of their income dedicated to fundraising and governance, they struggled to attract potential donors because of their sluggish mobile site. 

The solution: elastic high-performance hosting with Pantheon's WebOps Platform. A faster, more responsive site made a difference. After the transition, Concern Worldwide saw a 15% increase in mobile donations. 

There are many hosting solutions out there, but it’s important to find one that guarantees a high rate of uptime and reliability. Upgrading your hosting solution can be one of the most cost-effective changes your organization can make to help increase donations on a tight budget.

Learn more about Concern Worldwide's use of Pantheon's WebOps Platform, and get the full case study at Drupal.org

Redesigning the Website at ACLU

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been working to defend individual freedom for nearly a century. The organization’s more than two million members, activists and supporters fight for constitutional rights across the political spectrum. In 2013 their website was outdated and could not handle the surges in traffic. They needed to update their website and they needed to do it fast. One of the blockers that hindered their redesign was their complex development environment making quick content updates impossible. 

The solution: a multidev environment. Pantheon's Multidev functionality gives teams multiple development environments so they can easily and quickly create feature branches to test in isolation, perform reviews, and run QA. Multidev helps teams collaborate by allowing them to merge their changes into the customer-facing website simultaneously. 

By implementing this process, ACLU was able to quickly redesign their website and continued collaborative development at maximum efficiency. Like the ACLU, having a multidev environment can efficiently help you refresh your website so that you can go back to creating the best digital experience for your donors.

A high-performing website is integral to your organization’s success. Creating the best digital experience on your site is one of the many ways you can help your organization win donors. Watch Pantheon’s nonprofit virtual panel: How to Attract and Retain Donors in a Virtual World to learn from other leaders in the space how you can elevate your donor experience and fundraising strategy in today’s world! 

Hero image by Joel Muniz via Unsplash.

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