How Do You Empower a Marketing Team to Act Fast? One Choice Makes the Difference

Emily Miller , Sr. Product Marketing Manager May 1, 2018 Reading estimate: 2 minutes

Your website is more important than ever as a marketing tool. Whether visitors find you through a web search, an email nurture campaign, or an ad, at some point they come to your website.

Many businesses consider the website their primary channel for reaching potential customers, and for good reason. According to Retailing Today, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases. Google says 71% of B2B researchers start with a generic search.

Marketers are frequently held responsible for website content and management. This can put the team at odds with the development team who create and maintain the site. Too often, convoluted workflows make it hard for marketers to add new content, expand the site, or spin up a new microsite.

It’s high time to simplify content creation and publication, make your team more nimble, and make your website the marketing asset it has the potential to be. To accomplish these goals, it’s essential that your website is easy to use, customize, and grow, without being blocked by the IT or engineering backlog.

It All Starts Here

The foundation that can make or break all of this is the marketing team’s capacity to deliver real-time website updates. It’s surprising how many businesses treat their websites as an afterthought. Lauren Vaccarello, marketing vice president for enterprise content management platform Box, has experienced this first hand.

Speaking at HeavyBit Devguild, Vaccarello said, “I thought it was an anomaly that I had worked at a company where the website was really difficult to make changes to, and I've learned that is somehow not an anomaly.”

Nail your website, she says, or live to regret it. All too often companies saddle their marketing teams with a site that is hard to update, difficult to manage, and challenging to scale up.

A Future-Proof, Flexible Foundation

Modern-day marketers update their websites continuously as they leverage data for fresh insights and iterate in real-time. Their proactive approach positions them to routinely outperform  the competition.

Maybe your website was built by others who have moved on, and to ensure its integrity only IT or engineering can make changes or update content. Modern marketing teams are slowed to a crawl if they must rely on others to update their No. 1 communications tool.

A website operations platform, teamed with Drupal or WordPress, can break through these barriers. This combo delivers the freedom and flexibility to publish as often as you want, accelerating your timelines. Content updates can even be automated. Sites become simple to manage, which means multiple people can manage content and updates.

A website operations platform can solve problems you didn’t even know you had. These former nice-to-haves should now be requiremenets for any modern, agile marketing team:

  • Elastic infrastructure that allows for rapid scaling, so your site can handle increased traffic as your business grows.
  • Flexibility that enables customization and the addition of microsites and special features, to keep your site interesting and fresh.
  • Automated backups that give you the peace of mind you need, just in case. 
  • HTTPS provisioning and management, to keep your site and its visitors secure while boosting performance and page rank.
  • 24/7 customer support from Drupal and WordPress experts. 

Your website operations platform can make the difference between a relevant and responsive site that empowers a fast marketing team or one that is more of a barrier than resource.  

Own your destiny, nail your website. Create a free account or contact us to get started.



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