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How Being Better Together Helps Pantheon Clients Reach Success

In this post, we focus on the importance of working with the right agency to get the most out of the Pantheon platform and create a cohesive digital strategy tailored to your business needs.

Imagine booking a trip to Mount Everest or planning a journey through the Amazon rainforest without a guide. Even with the best gear the industry has to offer, the truth is that you’ll likely fail to fully capture the opportunity and maximize your tools without an experienced guide helping you along the way. 

WebOps is about leveraging the right people, processes, and tools—  to ultimately drive results with your website. To take full advantage of all that Pantheon offers requires a dedicated partner with a deep understanding of how our product and services can be optimized for your unique business needs. 

Director of WebOps Partner Marketing, Sarah Fruy, and James Rutherford, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships, talked extensively about how Pantheon’s partners help our customers extract the full value of our WebOps platform in the Pantheon + Partners = Success webinar

The very best examples shared were Virginia Credit Union’s partnership with Pantheon’s strategic partner COLAB and Modern Tribe’s work on the Harvard University homepage

Benefits of Working with Pantheon Strategic Partners

One common mistake that organizations often make is spending a massive amount of time, resources, and energy on just one gap. In contrast, our partners can help you fill gaps you may not see and create a cohesive digital strategy that aligns with your business goals.

What our partners were able to do in both the Virginia Credit Union and Harvard University case studies moved the needle towards growth and opened new pathways towards innovation.  

Virginia Credit Union, Insights

  • Virginia Credit Union’s new website drove 32% year-over-year growth in click-through rates to lead forms, which led to a 42% increase in web-based revenue.

  • Just six months after launch, website revenue grew by $3 million a month.

  • Percentage of revenue derived via the website rose from approximately 18 to 30%. 

  • High security, availability, and uptime dramatically improved both UX and digital campaign performance — saving 15- to 20-hours a week of the team’s time.

Harvard University, Insights

  • Modern Tribe was able to build out an agile CMS experience that met their needs and was easily accessible by their team.

  • A new concept of a living homepage was born. A rotation of stories, insights, and interactive media became a conscious entity that could move at the speed of global events. 

  • Amping up content infrastructure was critical. Content teams can now choose from a large library of content patterns with pre-formatted structures that make every publish dynamic and fresh for site visitors.

The Results You Can Expect

Pantheon’s strategic partners are fully vetted, trained on our platform, and have tried-and-tested implementation methodologies with proven results. Working with an agency of this caliber delivers results, and in many cases, the excellence that transpires through our partners working with our clients often leads to renowned professional acknowledgments. 

By working with Pantheon’s strategic partners, you can expect increased productivity, improved results, better customer engagement, and seamless integration. Partners can also help to train your team and drive WebOps maturity in a way that may have never been previously possible in your organization. 

What if You Could Increase Revenue by Simply Letting Go?

Freeing up time for more meaningful work can help you focus more on your customers. Our goal here at Pantheon is to make sure that your website is of high value for your clients, and we have the honor of witnessing incredible growth and success when our customers partner with agencies to do just this. 

Together, Pantheon and our partners are a powerful combination able to fill gaps in skill sets, supplement the needs of digital teams, and architect workflows that produce notable results. We encourage you to take full advantage of our Partner Directory and Agency Match Tool to begin a new chapter of your journey with a seasoned team of experts today. 

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