Achieve Agile Digital Transformation

Benefits of Upgrading Your CMS to Drupal 9

Andrew Kucharski

CEO, Promet Source

Mindy League

VP of Digital Experience, Promet Source

Jennifer Hagedorn

Web Content Specialist, Martin County Board of County Commissioners

Sarah Fruy

Former Director, WebOps Partner Marketing

About this webinar:

Websites are the primary way your customers interact with your business. Website best practices have changed significantly over the past several years, especially as new rules and regulations continually evolve. With the release of Drupal 9 (D9), your software might also be outdated.

You need to provide easy-to-find information and manage teams of cross-functional content creators while maintaining brand consistency. Martin County’s award-winning website is able to achieve all this while upgrading their CMS to D9, with the help of development agency Promet. This upgrade will turbocharge their editor team's capabilities by introducing easy-to-use components in layout builder, allowing for powerful page creation — all without the need for a web development team!

Join us for this enlightening webinar to learn how Martin County is replacing the jet engines without losing altitude by upgrading their CMS to Drupal 9.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to successfully upgrade your CMS to Drupal 9
  • A component-based approach to enable content editors to create powerful brand compliant landing pages without having to rely on web development resources
  • How to manage brand consistency while onboarding new departments, functionality, and services with the use of atomic design principles