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To Eliminate Out-of-Date WordPress and Drupal sites, Pantheon Extends Managed Updates to Companies of All Sizes

Pantheon's Managed Updates now available to all, ensuring WordPress and Drupal sites stay updated. Embrace open source with confidence.

Pantheon Offers Feature Branch Workflow Tool Multidev Free of Charge to Remote Teams

Pantheon offers Multidev free to boost remote team productivity during COVID-19. Ideal for WordPress multisite domain mapping. Learn more about this tool!

Pantheon’s Advanced Global CDN to Further Enterprise Open Source Adoption

Explore Pantheon’s Advanced Global CDN, enhancing enterprise open source with edge customizations and security. See how top brands benefit.

Former Tableau CMO Elissa Fink Joins Pantheon Board of Directors

Former Tableau CMO, Elissa Fink, now on Pantheon's Board, leverages her expertise for WebOps, bridging marketers and developers.

Pantheon Goes Global with Full Access WebOps

Pantheon expands WebOps globally, offering top WordPress hosting with data residency in Europe, Australia, and Canada. Discover Pantheon's powerful platform.

Pantheon Acquires StagingPilot To Extend WebOps Offering

Pantheon acquires StagingPilot to enhance WebOps with automated updates. Discover how this boosts efficiency for developers and marketers. Learn more!

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