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Pantheon WebOps Platform Ranked as a Leader By G2 for Eleventh Consecutive Quarter

Pantheon is ranked a leader in G2's Spring 2021 Gridยฎ Report for managed WordPress hosting. Learn about our serverless CMS and agile workflows for web success.

Pantheon Named as a Leader in Managed Hosting and WCM by G2 for the 10th Consecutive Quarter

Pantheon leads in Managed Hosting and WCM for the 10th quarter by G2. Discover how their WebOps platform boosts customer satisfaction and productivity.

Pantheon Ranked #1 for Usability in WebOps by G2

Pantheon ranks #1 for WebOps usability by G2. Explore top WordPress hosting services that empower teams to optimize and innovate digital experiences.

Website Reliance Increases as Organizations Turn to the Cloud to Serve Customers During the Pandemic

Discover how the pandemic boosts website reliance, with a surge in web traffic and the role of Pantheon's WebOps platform in managing increased demand.

Pantheon Hires Christy Marble as Chief Marketing Officer

Pantheon hires Christy Marble as CMO. Discover how her expertise will drive digital growth, enhance web performance, and improve developer experience.

Pantheon Recognized as a Leader by G2 for WebOps Platforms, Managed Hosting and Web Content Management

Pantheon is a G2 leader in WebOps, Managed Hosting, and Web Content Management, offering top-rated WordPress hosting for efficient web content management.

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