How Craftpeak Supports Over 150 Breweries With WordPress Multisite

In the last year on Pantheon, Craftpeak has scaled operations by 250% to give craft breweries a platform and meet growing demand.



  • Needed to manage a large portfolio of sites with a small team

  • Scaling their WordPress Multisite required substantial overhead and downtime

  • Unable to make feature updates due to the risk of taking down all sites on the network


  • Integrate WordPress Multisite with Bedrock and for continuous integration

  • Migrate to an Elastic Hosting provider to allow for on demand scaling

  • Mirror environments to allow for a Dev/Test/Live workflow


  • Ability to deploy updates and features across all sites

  • Scaled up the number of client sites by 250% in their first year on Pantheon

  • Confidence in deploying features, knowing the 10,000 orders they receive a month won’t be interrupted

Why Pantheon

  • Partnered with Pantheon support to craft a deployment process that matched their needs

  • Answered the business question of “can I keep scaling without experiencing downtime?”

  • Introduced multiple environments to allow releases be built and tested without impacting the live site

Today, Craftpeak is booming. The company, based in Asheville, North Carolina, gives craft breweries a platform to market and sell their beer online. With a suite of brewery-specific features, Craftpeak's pre-built websites are primed for direct-to-consumer sales with pickup, local delivery, and shipping options.

Yet, to fulfill their vision—to give craft breweries an edge in a rapidly growing, highly competitive market—the team at Craftpeak needed a way to deploy code quickly, at scale. 


Craftpeak was familiar with Pantheon due to our presence in the WordPress community, and Julien knew that Pantheon reviews for performance, stability, security, and support were all 5-Star. 

Together WordPress Multisite was integrated with Bedrock and for continuous integration and mirror environments allowed for a Dev/Test/Live workflow. This was layered on top of Pantheon’s  Elastic Hosting to allow for on demand scaling.


Pantheon's WebOps platform frees the team at Craftpeak from worrying about site performance, and instead lets them focus on onboarding new customers and updating code and processes. In the last year on Pantheon, Craftpeak has been able to scale their operation up by 250% percent and their breweries process an average of 10,000 orders a month.

Download the full Craftpeak case study here.

Webinar Date Tuesday, July 21, 2020 - 08:45

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