The Perfect Website Launch

A guide for your next website project, from planning to deployment.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Build Your Team

    First, decide who will be involved in the project. If you need extra resources, now is the time to find them. Be realistic in terms of budget and time—if you can’t do it well and efficiently, hire someone.

  • Ask the Right Questions

    Everyone on the project should have a say in the technology used to build and manage the site. We give you the 10 most important questions to pose with developers, designers, site owners, and agency team members.

  • Workflow Best Practices

    Development teams of any size need tools that support continuous integration and agile development. If you’re still managing infrastructure for your website, the burden of sysadmin work is falling on the project’s developers.

  • Prep for Launch

    Several weeks before your planned launch date, start checking off your final to-do list. Train the team, test the site, and optimize for performance so you can celebrate on launch day.