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January Couch Coding

WordPress Security in Higher Ed

Paul Gilzow

Security Analyst, University of Missouri

David Needham

Former Developer Advocate

About this webinar:

I’m sure you’ve read at least one “Guide to WordPress Security” or “Top Ten Tips to Keep Your WordPress Site Safe” articles. Maybe you even implemented a few, or all, of the suggestions. But did you understand why certain items were suggested, or what exactly they accomplished? In this couch coding, Paul Gilzow, Security Analyst at University of Missouri and Pantheon’s David Needham will discuss the most common security suggestions for WordPress.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why they are suggested
  • What they accomplish
  • When you should apply them (and when you shouldn’t)
  • How they tie back to core security principles
  • How we can augment these suggestions to build an even more robust security posture

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