How Drupal 8 Reaches Its Full Potential on Pantheon

David Strauss

CTO & Co-Founder

Matthew Cheney

Product & Co-Founder

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Webinar Details:

Speakers: David Strauss, Matthew Cheney

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What's New

    What's new in Drupal 8, the culmination of 5 years of contributions from 3,200+ developers, including: configuration management, templating with TWIG, and mobile-first design

  • Get Rolling

    The CMS spectrum, Open Source competition, the Philosophy of P.I.E., and the future of Drupal: what to think about as you begin using Drupal 8 on your projects

  • Drupal 8 + Pantheon

    How Pantheon will provide a first class Drupal 8 experience. Spin up a Drupal site with one click. Learn why a modern platform for a modern CMS is faster and cleaner.

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