The Path to Sub-Second Pageloads

Beat the speed of light with Pantheon & Fastly

Josh Koenig

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

David Strauss

Co-Founder & CTO

Simon Wistow

Co-Founder & VP Product, Fastly

About this webinar:

Fastly is the world’s leading edge cloud platform, and Pantheon has integrated it directly into our Global CDN—the most powerful CDN for Drupal and WordPress websites. Sub-second pageloads are now within reach!

Join product experts from Pantheon and Fastly in this on-demand webinar as we jump into the superior infrastructure behind Fastly’s edge cloud platform, and how Pantheon is using it to move light-years beyond conventional managed hosting CDNs.

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Why CDN configuration is easier to use and better for performance, along with what sets Pantheon’s apart
  • How to cache full pages over a global CDN for faster pageloads