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The Myth-Busting Guide 
to Agency Growth and Scale

How to Succeed in Web Design and Development

If you want to grow your web firm, now is the time. There’s a 20 billion dollar market and a rapidly-evolving arsenal of development tools and resources at your fingertips, and the majority of websites have yet to adopt best practices. Take a look at the numbers:


of the top 100k sites are not responsive

Source: Akamai


contain at least one serious vulnerability

Source: White Hat Security


outages are detected monthly

Source: Pingdom

That said, the bar for development talent has never been higher. Companies expect the team they hire to produce impressive results within their budget and time frame, often collaborating with other vendors and in-house team members throughout the project. This can be overwhelming if you’re a smaller agency—or a mid-size team wanting to take on the most competitive, coveted projects.

This guide is designed to help you overcome obstacles to growth without breaking the bank. No new hires, no big investments, and definitely no holds barred.

Why Listen to Us?

Before founding Pantheon, our founders managed their own successful web development agencies, helping to guide Chapter Three and Four Kitchens from small shops into established, profitable firms that continue to thrive. Our daily conversations with owners and partners at top firms frequently center on lessons they’ve learned as their agencies have grown in size and revenue. Learn from them and other industry experts in this guide.

The Myths

Jump around or take it from the top. We bust the seven myths that can hold you back from scaling your agency.

Kickstart your agency’s growth now.

Pantheon lets you do more with your resources. The platform is absolutely free for agencies—just invite clients to pay when their sites go live.