8 Amazing WordPress Launches

60% of WordPress websites don’t launch on-time. Here’s how to not be one of them.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How companies like SendGrid, Science Friday, and SPS Commerce overcame obstacles in order to achieve successful WordPress launches
  • Why a best-practice Dev-Test-Live workflow reduces stress and makes deployments faster, easier, better
  • How to make traffic spikes and audience growth a piece of cake on a scalable hosting platform
  • How to effectively manage a huge number of WordPress sites with a small team

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About This Ebook

Let’s face it: building and launching websites is really hard. Intense technical complexity combines with inadequate tools, inconsistent workflows, scope creep and last-minute requests to create whirlwinds of stress and confusion that delay about 60% of all WordPress website launches (while torpedoing many others). This guide details eight different use-cases where clients used Pantheon to cut through the noise and launch amazing sites.


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8 Amazing WordPress Launches

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