Managed Security

A fortified tower of internets.

Denial of Service Protection

Pantheon works with Google and Fastly to provide industry-leading WAF-style rules and DDoS Protection filtering for management of denial-of-service attacks. By filtering ongoing attacks and isolating traffic streams for each site and environment, Pantheon provides dedicated resources in times of need and prevent impacts between customers and sites.

Over One Million Checks Every Day

Pingdom runs over one million checks every day on Pantheon sites, from basic sites to our large enterprises. Our status page shows a transparent, aggregated report of current and historical uptime across all Pantheon sites.

Staying Ahead of CVEs

From Heartbleed to Shellshock to Drupalgeddon to GHOST, we’ve conquered them all. Pantheon’s unique infrastructural agility allows us to respond to breaking vulnerability announcements with unprecedented speed. We keep every layer in our system fresh, shutting down most issues before a single customer is exposed.

One-Click Updates

Security doesn’t stop at the website platform. The sites themselves must also be secure. The most important updates for security generally come from “core,” the main software for Drupal or WordPress. Pantheon makes updates easy to apply (one click) and test (built-in development and testing environments) so you can apply security fixes quickly and with confidence.

Role-Based Permissions

Most large Drupal and WordPress projects involve outside talent. Even inside talent can be inexperienced or part-time. Pantheon’s Change Management allows developers to prosper in cloud development environments and perform dry-run deployments to “test” without risk to the live production environment. You can also manage who has administrative access to the organization-wide settings.


Having developers and employees maintain yet another website password leads to dangerous, shared password use. Even two-factor authentication on one site can’t prevent an attacker from finding weak passwords on one site using them to attack accounts on other sites.

Pantheon goes beyond good authentication on the platform by providing SAML. SAML integrates Pantheon into an organization-wide security strategy. Pantheon organization accounts with SAML support two-factor authentication, single sign-on, minimum password strengths, authentication audit logs, and other constraints of your choice.

Two-Factor Authentication

Pantheon supports deployment of two-factor authentication for organizations through use of SAML. If your organization does not already make use of SAML, you can use Okta and OneLogin for a Pantheon-supported, no-cost way to get started.


Antivirus protection is bundled into the platform itself to ensure our system's integrity and to prevent malware from spreading through customer websites.

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