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Katie McGonigal

Senior Director, People Experience, Diversity, and Inclusion, Pantheon

Katie McGonigal is Head of Talent, Employee Experience, Diversity & Inclusion at Pantheon where we get to make the internet!  Katie has 20+ years of experience as an HR, Diversity and Talent leader in Tech, Professional Services, CPG and Healthcare.  She has enjoyed a particular emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion in her work for everybody from tiny tech startups to large global organizations at scale and in almost all of the countries on the planet.
Katie is an advocate of shifting business paradigms to intentionally attract, engage, retain and develop humans who are diverse in thought, gender, life adventure, biology and mental gorgeous chaos… She is a lifelong activist in the LBG+ and Trans communities as well as a working advocate for transitioning military talent. She is an accomplished musician and music educator and she adores reading, parenting and the odd times when she can get someone to laugh - whether at her or with her.  

Katie sits on multiple non-profit and Executive Boards and has been a speaker and panelist at conferences and events for organizations such as Blacks in Tech, Grace Hopper, HCI, SHRM, Black Girls Code, Girl Geek Dinner, Women Who Code, Society for Women Engineers, ERE and the HR Technology Conference. 

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